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What is diminished value? 

Diminution of Value, more commonly known as diminished value or DV, can be defined as the loss of financial worth of a vehicle due to damage. There are basically two types of diminished value - inherent diminished value & repair related diminished value, and the extent of each determines the overall amount of diminished value. 

Insurers would have you believe there is no such thing as Diminished Value. However Diminished Value has been around for many years and vehicles do lose value when they are repaired even if they are fixed well. Insurers have been paying for this loss for just as many years in all 50 states. Being an expert in the field with about 40 years experience I have heard them offer customers pennies on the dollar and hope the client will settle, problem is that you will take the hit on the value lost when you sell or trade your car in. You should not have to trade it in to get a fair diminished value assessment. When repairs are done there is still a stigma that follows the vehicle through it's history. In North Carolina if the accident is over 25% of the value you have to disclose to the purchaser the accident damage. Some potential buyers will walk away from the purchase or offer you far less than the undamaged car would have sold for.

Have your repairs inspected by a qualified inspector. Our 38 years in the Auto Body repair field have uncovered many problems with collision repairs. 

  • Our inspections of other shops repairs show:
  • More than 90 percent had incomplete or shoddy repairs
  • 50 percent had safety issues
  • More than 40 percent showed signs of fraud

We can assist consumers in collecting for the value lost from an accident as long as you were not found at fault! Click the blue text.

North and South Carolina Diminished value help.


   It seems like there is a body shop on every corner, but no two are the same. The training and experience level of some technicians repairing today's vehicles may be as little as two years' experience, and minor in-house training. Our technicians are Factory trained, ASE Master certified and I-Car Trained.

  Today's modern vehicles are safety capsules. There are thousands of safety features designed into today's vehicles. Without proper collision repair, these features can be compromised, and can actually cause injury; and possibly death in a future collision if not restored properly.

Poor Repairs:

  Automotive body shops recommended by Insurers are controlled by a secret agreement to not charge for specific repair procedures and to substitute Junkyard and Imitation parts to repair your car. These cost cutting procedures ultimately save the insurance company money however they will cost you money at resale time. A professional repair facility has a duty to not compromise you or your family's safety. Unfortunately; shortcut repairs, low-cost parts and materials, and inexperienced technicians are symptomatic of the price cutter and kick-back systems in place with Insurers at these body shops.

  We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our number one concern is you and your families safety. Repairs must restore the vehicles safety systems, fit and functionality. If you want low cost repairs that is your right however we will never compromise your safety by saving you money.

  See the images below from some of our inspections, loose bolts, poor welds, damaged parts are just some of the things we have uncovered.


Images from Inspections


 "You guys are the best. When I was involved in an accident with my 2000 Honda Accord which was hit in the rear, I didn't think it would ever look the same, but you are the BEST! My car looks like new again and the Chroma flames are awesome."

-- Christian K., US